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The African Union (AU) on Thursday voiced strongly condemnation of the coup, reiterated Africa's zero tolerance for any unconstitutional change of government and its total rejection of any seizure of power by force.



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Recently, the restaurant was named the second spiciest restaurant in Shanghai by a popular local television program because of its newly introduced beef balls that contain a particularly hot sauce direct from Sichuan.

The trade-weighted effective exchange rate index for the pataca, a gauge of the domestic currency's exchange rates against the currencies of Macao's major trading partners, rose by 0.57 points month-to-month but fell by 1.06 points year-on-year to 88.4 in December 2011.

We are in the initial stage of the project, he said. It's a challenge. We are trying to diversify tourism.

The production, based on a 2009 novel of the same name by Anna Perera, opens on Tuesday at Stratford Circus, located in an area of the capital city with a large Muslim population.



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It is not in the interest of any party to escalate the dispute over oil. It is in the interest of both of them to find an urgent political settlement, Sudanese political analyst Adil Abdalla told Xinhua.

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The two countries then signed two memorandums of understanding on agricultural and rural development cooperation and provision of technical fund by Vietnam for agricultural development.

Luo: The US is a pragmatic country. It will try to trigger a war in other countries or regions to deplete their powers while maintaining its own safety. The US will not really get involved into a war if the harm is greater than the benefits. Even if it does get involved, it won't sacrifice itself for its allies.

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The data showed each tourist spent an average of 483 yuan during the holiday, compared with 459 yuan last year.

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The Chinese company tied up in a controversial bid to buy 16 New Zealand dairy farms has hit out at what it calls a campaign of half-truths and anti-Chinese sentiment in coverage of its proposed purchase.

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A draft amendment to the Criminal Procedure Law was passed by the Fifth Session of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC) Wednesday with 2,639 votes for, 160 against and 57 abstentions.

The girls were born with two brains, two spinal cords, two esophaguses and one and a half hearts, and shared all their other internal organs. They are considered to have had the longest-ever lifespan of twins of their kind.

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Although the law doesn't stipulate a punishment for allowing an intoxicated friend to get behind the wheel, authorities in some cities are considering doing just that.

The benchmark Hang Seng Index traded between 20,272.38 and 19, 972.24. Turnover totaled 109.46 billion HK dollars (about 14.09 billion U.S. dollars).

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The government has set the main theme of this year's economic and social development as make progress while maintaining stability at a tone-setting central economic work conference in December last year.

China will have a more open posture and adopt more forceful measures to spread its voice in 2012, as it seeks to obtain increased understanding from the world about its values and development pattern, a senior official said Wednesday.

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Labor minister Fackson Shamenda said several issues had been resolved but the wage talks were continuing after the government stepped in to mediate.

The outlook for meeting fast-growing energy demand in China seems increasingly gloomy. China's oil consumption has increased by around 7 percent annually over the past decade, and stood at 439 million tons in 2010; this is expected to grow by 12.9 percent this year. The country's oil production is expected to peak at between 180 million and 200 million tons per year. China was dependent on imports for 55 percent of its oil usage in 2010, up 3 percentage points on 2009. If nothing is done, this could reach 70 percent by 2015, more than that of the US.

Sixty-seven percent of the nearly 300 people from the ages of 18 and 35, surveyed by the organization that guides activities of young adults, claimed to be single, among which 78 percent - a majority of whom were women - said that they were so due to high expectations clashing with reality.

Actually, I prefer smaller ones, but management makes me wear them since they're so popular, she added.

Weather forecasts said southern Mexico and Central America are facing situations similar to Stan and Mitch, where months-long torrential rains from an intense 2011 hurricane season have left soils saturated with water and extremely vulnerable to landslides. 澳洲快3走势The total revenue of the electronic information industry rose to 9.3 trillion yuan ($1.46 trillion) in 2011, up 20 percent year-on-year, Liu said.